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CommNet² is an EPSRC funded network that aims to bring together the UK academic community engaged in ICT research in order to identify, discuss and address the major ICT challenges of the future. This website acts as the central hub of CommNet² and aims to provide information on the activities of its members to the ICT community at large as well as the media, industry and prospective students. Some key features of the website include events booking and calendar; user groups; and directories of members and their Institutions.
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CommNet2 will bring together academics from the electrical engineering, electronics, communications, networking, mathematics and computer science disciplines to facilitate academic innovation.


CommNet2 will enable industrial partners to collaborate with a wide network of academics researching the cutting edge of ICT developments and maintain the UK’s leading position as an innovator in the area.


CommNet2 is accessible to anyone interested in contributing to research and innovation in ICT, including both early career researchers and ICT professionals to deliver ground-breaking research.

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