Opportunity to attend the Connected Communities UK-UAE Workshop – funding for two Early Career Researchers

Funding is available to support two Early Career Researchers (ECRs) to attend the Connected Communities UK-UAE Workshop at the Khalifa University Campus in Abu Dhabi on 16th-18th May.

 Khalifa University Campus, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirat Connected Communities- UK-UAE Workshopes

Expressions of Interest

Interested ECRs who are working in research directly relevant to the workshop could make contact with Prof. Gerard Parr as a matter of urgency to express their interest. To do this, ECRs must provide information on 1 A4 page covering:

  1. Their background and qualifications
  2. The relevance of their research to the workshop with any key publications or activities
  3. A statement of why they should be supported


Expressions of interest will be reviewed by the organisers to select 2 x Early Career Researchers based on merit.  The decision of the organisers will be final.



Expressions of interest must be received by Tuesday 3rd May Noon (UK Time).



Professor Gerard Parr– Ulster University, Northern Ireland, UK – gp.parr@ulster.ac.uk


Workshop Organisers:-

Professor Gerard Parr- Ulster University, Northern Ireland, UK – gp.parr@ulster.ac.uk
Professor Ernesto Damiani- EBTIC/Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi, UAE- ernesto.damiani@kustar.ac.ae
Connected Communities is an emerging research area investigating the implications of establishing highly connected, data-intensive, diverse communities and focusing on the design, deployment and management of socio-technical urban digital infrastructures. A major objective of this research area is fostering sustainability and economic prosperity as well as citizens’ safety, health, security and quality of life. This First UK-UAE Connected Communities workshop will allow UK and UAE-based researchers to establish collaborations on the design and management of digital infrastructures supporting Connected Communities in diverse geographical, economic and cultural environments, paying particular attention to mitigating potentially disruptive aspects and handling the residual urban-rural divide. A key priority will be developing new data-driven approaches to engage community participation and foster business initiatives. The workshop aims to unlock the huge potential of UK-UAE collaboration toward establishing culturally diverse communities with high levels of prosperity, sustainability and well-being.
The Workshop will cover three days with each day targeting a specific theme:
• Theme 1 – Fostering data-driven innovation in Smart Communities design and planning
• Theme 2 – Towards a resilient and sustainable digital infrastructure – Internet-of-Things (IoT), Communications, and Transport
• Theme 3 – Prevention of isolation and marginalisation within Smart Communities – challenges in UAE and UK
The Workshop will be hosted at Khalifa University in collaboration with EBTIC Innovation Centre. EBTIC has a long experience in bringing together UAE and UK-based decision-makers. For this initiative, EBTIC will be able to build on the success of the Smart Communities theme it established by hosting the 2015 International Smart Cities Initiative Workshop (SCI’15- http://sci15.smarter-cities.net/ ), which under the title “Towards a Smarter City in the Local Context” discussed the need for a smarter approach towards smart cities for the local UAE region, taking into account academia, industry, and government interests. Thanks to the success of SCI ’15, EBTIC has established strong links with like-minded local communities of practitioners and researchers, creating a forum to share and discuss the practicalities of the step towards smart cities that are specifically relevant to the UAE context but also important for the UK. In addition, worthy of note is a related Call for Papers to the ACM Transactions on Internet Technology (TOIT) Special Issue devoted to Emerging Technologies for Connected Communities– http://toit.acm.org/pdf/ACM-ToIT-CfP-ConnectedCommunities.pdf

Connected Communities- UK-UAE Workshop