Event News: The first ever 6G Wireless Summit held in Finland

The first ever 6G Wireless Summit has been held in Lapland, Finland. The event was held over three days, 24th-26th March 2019. The aim of the inaugural summit was to identify what are the key challenges to overcome in moving beyond 5G, and what will be the potential applications of 6G. The event was organised by 6G Flagship, part of … Read More

Latest 5G News: UK Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology release report on 5G

The UK Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology (POST) has released a report providing a technical overview of 5G technology, including the radio spectrum, infrastructure and software it is expected to use. It discusses the application of 5G in mobile broadband and its potential applications in other sectors such as healthcare and transport. It provides an overview of some of … Read More

Market News: Ofcom Communications Market Report 2019

Ofcom have published their Communications Market Report 2019 looking at how communications services are used by consumers. A summary of the key findings can be downloaded here: https://www.ofcom.org.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0028/155278/communications-market-report-2019.pdf Some of the relevant key findings from the report: Fibre-to-the-cabinet broadband connections overtook copper broadband connections for the first time. There was a 17% increase in consumers upgrading from standard broadband to … Read More

Event Alert: Symposium on New Trends in Communication Engineering

Tuesday 23rd July 2019 (10am to 5pm) The University of Sheffield sntce@sheffield.ac.uk The Symposium on New Trends in Communication Engineering (SNTCE) will have a theme of “Connected Living” providing a platform for academics and industry professionals to discuss the opportunities and challenges presented by the strategic technology trends such as 5G (and 6G), Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. The … Read More

Latest 5G News: 5G availability around the world

Most countries will have 5G access by 2020, with a forecasted 1.9 billion subscribers by 2024. Find out the current availability of 5G in this country-by-country guide from lifewire.com: https://www.lifewire.com/5g-availability-world-4156244

Event Alert: 5G live networks – from launch to scale

Tuesday 2nd July 2019 – 2pm BST/3pm CEST Webinar event – hosted by Mobile World Live 5G networks are now live in South Korea, US, Switzerland, UAE and Australia. Nine operators have already switched on 5G using Ericsson network technology – and with early subscription rates exceeding the ones for 4G they are now taking the steps to deploy 5G … Read More

Event Alert: Third ITU Workshop on Network 2030

18 February 2019 London, UK tsbevents@itu.int The International Telecommunication Union at the kind invitation of the National Physical Laboratory,is organizing the Third Workshop on Network 2030, which will take place on 18 February 2019, in London, United Kingdom. The Workshop on Network 2030 aims to provide a forum for both industry and academia to exchange their ideas about data communications … Read More

Latest 5G News: Verizon Shows Real-World 5G Speeds at CES 2019

We don’t live in a 5G world yet, but you wouldn’t know it from the hype around the next generation of connectivity at CES. Verizon showed off what its 5G network is capable of today — spoiler alert: it’s not that impressive — but also what the company dreams will be possible with 5G in the future. That part is … Read More

Job Opportunity: Lecturers in Computing Sciences & Artifical Intelligence (UEA)

2 x Lecturer Roles University of East Anglia The University of East Anglia is an internationally renowned University with a reputation for great teaching, an unrivalled student experience, and research with real impact. The University is currently enjoying an extraordinary period of growth, rising to 12th in the league tables and 10th in the Times Higher REF table for Research Output, cementing … Read More

Latest 5G News: Sky & Telefonica to work together for 5G

Sky (UK Division) has extended its MVNO deal with Telefonica UK so they can continue working together on the development and launch of 5G, work that includes using a UK test bed. For the customer, this means that Sky Mobile users will be able to access 5G services as soon as they’re launched by Telefonica’s 02.