5G & IoT test beds and trials series: BRE Watford 17/11/16

On 17/11/16, the sixth and final event of 2016 for the 5G and IoT UK test beds and trials partners took place at BRE Watford, kindly hosted by Martin Ganley and chaired by Stuart Revell. These events aim to bring together members of the community to present and share research updates from the cutting edge, as well as to discuss and define community priorities and work plans for 2017 (this time focusing on knowledge exchange and common approaches, and standardisation). Delegates also enjoyed a tour of the BRE Innovation Park, and were given a summary report on the previous ETSI transport event on the 8th November.

Below is the day’s agenda with downloadable presentations: 

Title Speaker
(1) Welcome and Introductions from meeting chair Stuart Revell, 5GIC (Meeting chair)

Click for slides: 17nov16-agenda_intro

(2) Host Talk – BRE presentation Martin Ganley, BRE

Click for slides: ganley-5g-iot-bre-projects-17nov16

(3) 5GIC update Stuart Revell, 5GIC

Click for slides: revell-17nov16-5gic-update

(4) Introducing the next EURAMET EMPIR industry call David Humphreys, NPL

Click for slides: humphreys-npl-euramet-2017-industry-call-17nov16

(5) University of Bristol – Mobility Trial update and results Mark Beach, University of Bristol

Click for slides: beach-5giot-17nov16-massive-mimo-uo-bristol

BRE Innovation Park Tour and Lunch All – Martin Ganley (BRE) to lead
(6) North East, Smart Region ORWAINS Conn Crawford, Sunderland City Council & North East LEP

Click for slides: crawford-17nov16-orwains-ne-lep

(7) ETSI Transport 8th November meeting summary Stuart Revell, 5GIC

Click for slides: 17nov16-etsi-transport-meeting-summary

2017 plan – open forum workshop
Priorities and work plan for UK test beds & trials

– Knowledge exchange and common approaches
– Standardisation
All – Stuart Revell (5GIC) to lead
AOB / Calendar / Open forum updates All – Stuart Revell (5GIC) to lead


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