Welcome to 'The Net'

The Network is an EPSRC funded coordination activity which aims to consolidate the academic and related industrial community engaged in all aspects of communications research (including networking and photonics) in a bid to address the major challenges of the future.

It is formally called the 'Community Organisation of Events in Communications, Mobile Computing and Networking' and aims to involve the larger communities of Computer Science (CS) – Electronic Engineering (EE) – Signal and Image Processing (SIP) to establish a greater vision between these CS – EE – SIP researchers who possess an active interest in Communication Systems.

This website acts as the central hub of 'The Net' and aims to provide information on the activities of its members to engage with the larger full ICT community to improve the coordination between radio/signal processing/electronics; CS comprising networks and architecture/internet/semantic Web services; radio frequency (RF)/photonics communities as well as the media, industry and prospective students A key feature of the website is our user directory - which can be searched by keyword, institution or facility - providing a very quick way to find the expertise or facilities you need. All you need to do to get started is set up a user account which will allow you to post your latest news, publicise events and join in the chat on our forum.

If you have any comments about “The Network” or the website then please do contact us, details can be found at the bottom of the page.

Please complete our survey questionnaire, to help us find out more about the members of the community and to enable us to share this information with others.

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